Golf Clinics

About Our Clinics

Achievement in any quest needs a growing mindset. Even the best plays become curious explorers, staying clear of becoming critical. One who peruses golf lessons will learn the proper way to swing a golf club, manage their body’s strength and adapt to prefect their flexibility.  Approaching a game of golf with a shallow vision will only develop fear from within. A deep sense of fear of swinging the wrong way, looking foolish, or swinging the club the incorrect way are all common within a new player.  Fear is often counterproductive to education and will interfere with your ability to focus on the game at hand. Increasing your awareness of your current swing/game and empowering you to make the necessary adjustments to meet your desired goals are all important outcomes when taking golf lessons.

Upcoming Clinics

We are planning on moving forward with our upcoming golf clinic held at Hop Meadow in Simsbury, CT working in compliance with state laws regarding social distancing regulations.  A date and time will soon be announced.

Check back soon for upcoming golf clinics.

Improve Self Care

Our golf clinics reinforce the importance of self care.  Explore your self awareness, and learn how to preserve and improve your overall health.

Explore Creativity

The golf course is a fun and exciting way to express your innate abilities.  Create friendships and discover new ways to overcoming the fear of golf.

Reduce Stress

Staying active on the golf course activates your endorphins, which in turn increases your serotonin levels.  Studies show that golf has a tendency to diffuse tension.

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