Happy birthday,

Jennifer H!

Happy birthday,

Colleen C!

Happy birthday,

Tiffany M!

Mentor Training:

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

I am ready for a fresh new start

My voice is heard by God

I am exactly where I am supposed to be

I let go of the past and I welcome the future

Joy is my birthright

I am willing to be kinder to myself

I am committed to making gratitude a daily habit

I choose to be happy in the present

I believe in myself

The past is gone, but the future is here now

God has the power to change my life

2021 is a year of abundance and joy

I am empowered and free

Self-confidence is my superpower

I love who I am

I choose life

I matter

I am enough

Today I will learn and grow

I have the power to change

Positive thinking creates positive things

God cares about me (after all, He created me)

I don’t have to be anyone but myself

I am proud of myself

Today, I choose me

I will believe in myself

I love myself deeply and fully

My life is a gift

Happy birthday,

Krista P!

Happy birthday,

Tanya P!

At GOODWorks, we're committed to empowering women in recovery from the criminal justice system to make positive behavioral, lifestyle changes that foster personal growth and create a safe environment for themselves and their children.

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