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Look and Feel Your Best Without Breaking the Bank: Because You Deserve It

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Beautiful Black Woman smiling and laughing in front of a tangerine background.
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You're probably not going to wake up every day looking your best as everyone has their ups and downs. Still, those who know what to do to make themselves look and feel better have an incredible advantage. Feeling good not only has a significant impact on the way you look, but it also helps your body release happy hormones and promotes health through alkalinity, rather than creating an acid medium that leads to various health issues.

It is essential to notice and work through negative emotions when they appear, but it's also vital that you don't remain there too long. Looking and feeling good is a crucial part of your mental health. Thankfully, there are numerous resources online you can receive help from, such as GOODWorks, which helps women regain their mental and emotional health and teaches them how to build their self-esteem and value themselves.

There are also plenty of tips to ensure you look and feel your absolute best, whether you plan to get out in the town or stay at home. Here are a few.

Wear Bright Colors

Who knew color is such a big mood changer? According to numerous studies, women love it when men wear the color red, while men found women more attractive in the same color. When it comes to color palette, it is a great idea to wear as many bright colors as possible. This boosts your mood and makes you feel more confident and different; therefore, changing how you look and feel about yourself for the better.

Invest in Yourself

People can find it challenging to buy time for exercise and follow a proper diet that does wonders for both the mind and body. Body posture is essential to feel and look your best. Another important thing to do to feel, look, and get better is to lead a healthy lifestyle, which means consuming lots of vegetables, raw fruits, nuts and seeds, and staying physically active.

Adding nutritious foods to your diet is the perfect foundation for starting a healthy routine. While vegetables and fruits help boost your immune system and fight various diseases, exercise is a great way to stimulate and improve your health. If you're just starting on this journey, it is best to do your research and put together a healthy plan to follow. You can also find help from health, fitness, and nutrition experts. There are many specialists on numerous online job platforms — check their reviews, rates, and more to make sure they align with your expectations.

Be Grateful

It's easy to focus on the negative when it comes to yourself. Still, you're a living, breathing being with a fantastic body that's carried you through a lot during the years. Remember that this is the tool that will support you for the rest of your life — and gratitude is a great way to feel better about yourself and instantly look better. Treat yourself with respect and appreciate yourself to feel and look your absolute best every single day.

Relax Your Face

Although a stern countenance can seem mysterious when you venture out, it can also add to the feeling of stress in the background. Try smiling more — not for others, but to make yourself feel better. Smiling has a healing power that reaches deep down your heart and brightens your look. Relaxing your face also helps you avoid jaw workouts later.

Feeling and looking your absolute best doesn't have to take a lot of time or money. There are many ways to take care of yourself — following at least one of the aforementioned is a great beginning and will lead, in the long term, to a healthier and better life.


GOODWorks​ helps women make positive lifestyle changes and maintain them. You can reach the team via the website.


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