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Mentee of the Month: Lisa

GOODWorks Inc. is very proud to announce that our Mentee of the Month for March of 2021 is Lisa Farnum!

Lisa is a long time member of the GOODWorks Inc. community and participates as both a mentee and mentor in our New Beginnings program. She was first introduced to our Executive Director, Theresa Goode, while incarcerated at York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT, and continued her relationship with our organization post-release. While living in a halfway house, Lisa attended weekly workshops and spread the word about GOODWorks Inc. activities, recruiting other residents into the group, helping to spread access to resources and community support.

Lisa has stated that her biggest inspiration is her aunt, who provided immense support to her before, during, and after her incarceration. Lisa admires her aunt’s strength and resilience, and the ways in which she continues to support her loved ones even when working through hard times herself. She is a woman who continues to strive for better no matter the circumstances.

When it comes to passing along advice to incoming mentees and women in the process of reentry, Lisa emphasizes the importance of trusting the process and not stopping just because you may not see immediate results from your efforts. Throughout her own journey she has learned that support is fundamental, so one should never be afraid to reach out for help. Going through the process of starting over and taking your time is the biggest challenge, so try things you have never tried before and embrace change.

Lisa believes that the type of support offered by GOODWorks is something that is rare to come across. Every member of the GOODWorks community is fully invested in the mission of growth and empowerment, walking hand in hand in their journeys of recovery.

We thank you for your never-ending support Lisa and look forward to continuing to watch you grow and thrive!


Did you know? You can decorate your home or office while also supporting the women of GOODworks! Purchase a print of the illustration featured with this post from the @selfandstory Instagram, and 100% of the proceeds benefit GOODworks.


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