I forgive myself and set myself free

I deserve to feel hopeful right now

I forgive myself and set myself free

I deserve to be healthy and feel good

I am loved, loving and lovable

I believe I can be all that I want to be

I am enough

Happiness is my birthright

Good things are happening

I am important and valued

I admire how strong I am

I am a fighter and I never give up

I choose to love myself unconditionally

I am becoming the best version of myself

My possibilities are endless

You are not alone even when you feel lonely

 am deeply fulfilled by what I do

You are important and valued

I am chosen and wanted

I am full of positive loving energy

You have great style

You are fearfully and wonderfully made

I am grateful to be alive

God will always be there to lift you up

God will give you strength

My thoughts do not control me, I control my thoughts

I can do everything through Christ

You are important to God’s plan

I am fierce. I am unafraid, I am bold

I am fulfilling my purpose in this world

I give myself permission to go after what I want

I will never forget my own story

I am comfortable looking in the mirror, saying I love you, I really do

At GOODWorks, we're committed to empowering women in recovery from the criminal justice system to make positive behavioral, lifestyle changes that foster personal growth and create a safe environment for themselves and their children.

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