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Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission

GOODWorks holds its mission in empowering women in recovery from the criminal justice system. We assist in making positive behavioral and lifestyle changes that foster personal growth and create a safe and stable environment for women and their children.


"It is our vision and goal to provide skills imperative to building self-acceptance, self-worth, pride, and values surrounding putting forth positive behavior in the community."

We at GOODWorks, understand that developing a positive and effective mindset is of the utmost importance when in recovery from traumatic events. That is why we implement Dr. Julian Ford and Dr. Eileen Russo’s (of UCONN Department of Psychiatry) SOS system into our policy. SOS stands for Slow down, Orient, and Self-check. The purpose of these steps is to provide a means of reworking ones thinking to slow down reactive and stressful thoughts and develop a mindset that fosters compassion, positivity, and growth.

GOODWorks is, at its core, a supportive community that achieves these goals through a variety of means. We host weekly workshops where facilitators prompt relevant discussion and distribute useful information. In addition, our mentoring program creates one on one relationships between women to create bonds of stability and communication through which women can develop feelings of trust and empowerment to achieve and grow.

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