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GOODWorks' Mentees

Our Commitment To Our Mentees


For the past year, GoodWorks has been involved with assisting women {mentees} in our support program as well as many young women at the York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT with a transformation of behavior from negative to positive. These gradual lifestyle changes are accomplished by introducing the women to the SOS process, which allows them to efficiently accomplish mental focusing and reflective thinking in order to find good solutions through three easy to remember steps. Our mentees are seen once a week at York CI and participate in weekly workshops throughout the year (excluding holidays & weather).


GoodWorks is committed to promoting the well-being of women in recover in order to foster personal growth and provide a safe environment for themselves and their children. We further our support by empowering women in their daily lives through the development of educational, spiritual, and mental skills, by building their self-esteem and confidence and addressing trauma through techniques such as SOS.


SOS stands for slow down, orient, and self-check. This is part of phase one of three of a larger system called TARGET which involves stabilization and self-regulation in patients who have been affected by traumatic experiences. This is all taught through the process of focusing, accomplished through the three-step process that is SOS, and can be done in a matter of seconds. The purpose of SOS is to provide a practical, easily recalled self-cue that interrupts reactive or impulsive thinking and action and facilitates simple cognitive processing.

Women Supporting Women At Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to provide a safe place for all women.  We engage in meaningful conversation that empowers the women we serve.  Our workshop on January 22, 2020, allowed our mentees to express their love and creativity through art and self-expression.  Thank you to everyone who joined us for an evening of meaningful conversation and fun.


GOODWorks Announces Free GED Tutoring Program

GOODWorks has embarked on another project to empower our mentees. Thanks to our Advisory Board, we will be launching our free tutoring services for our mentees interested in getting their GED and those in college. We are committed to ensuring each of our mentees achieves personal growth. This tutoring service is one of our many initiatives that will ensure the success of our mentees today and in the future. Stay tuned for updates!

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Enneagram Personality Test

This past Friday GOODWorks held its weekly Zoom Workshop where mentees, mentors, and members of our community come together to reflect on our weeks, discuss a variety of topics, and facilitate self-growth all while bonding our network of women together. Our latest workshop centered around finding out our Enneagram Personality Scores and reflecting on each of our results and what they mean about how we handle our own emotions, and how we integrate ourselves with others. This discussion was a beautiful opportunity for growth and self-reflection and was fully enjoyed by all who joined in! The Enneagram Personality Test can be found here: The Enneagram Personality Test

In Memory Of Liza Ramos




Renei Stone 8-26-20

They took my name and gave me a new one,

Said it was a part of my rehabilitation


Rules were made such as walking on the right side of the line,

Cuz that’s what was gunna fix my mind


We deserve our punishment cuz we’re a disgrace,

And yet they clock in to cheat on their wives in this place.


I’m gunna learn respect says the co,

His prime example is by calling us a crackhead or hoe


I did the crime so I got to do the time,

They forgot to warn me of the small print in-between the lines.


Treating us as if we were animals, some lost their insanity

 It was like as if it was the staff who lost their humanity


Calling it a correctional is so fictional, 

As they break us instead of rehabilitate us


They say it should be a wonderful feeling to walk out that door

Shyt its almost as if we are even more lost then before


We did our time and even walked on the right side of the line,

Yet everywhere we go our record is following behind.


2020 Enders Island Retreat

Unfortunately, due to health and safety concerns, GOODWorks will not be hosting their annual Enders Island Retreat.  We look forward to its occurrence next year.


Our Retreats

Every year, GOODWorks hosts an annual retreat for our mentors and mentees. We feel that the opportunity to center oneself is vital to encouraging personal growth, and we are proud to be able to dedicate our time to this important goal. In past years, themes have included de-stressing, mindfulness, and enacting steps for positive change. We look forward to these events, and hope to be able to share them with more of you!

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2019 Enders Island Retreat

Where Do We Go From Here

Thank you to everyone who attended the "Where Do We Go From Here" 2019 Enders Island Retreat.

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