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Our Founder

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Theresa Goode

President & Founder, GOODworks, Inc. 

Theresa Goode is the President and Founder of GOODWorks Inc., a non-profit organization based in the Greater Hartford Area of Connecticut, which empowers and assists women in their journey of recovery from the criminal justice system. 

Theresa began her career with CT’s Child Protective Services. She encountered many cases involving troubled women who lacked the resources to seek help and support they needed. While providing counseling, she found that her personal background allowed her to have a more intimate and empathetic response to their emotions, lending to real conversation, and growth. Through her experiences working for the state, Theresa recognized that women must find sources of empowerment to overcome the barriers in their lives. She decided to address this in a population she saw as being pushed to the side too often: incarcerated women.

Today, she is proud to service incarcerated women at York Correctional Institution, as well as those on parole or otherwise in transition. Her gender-specific mentoring strategies and support program pairs compatible women with each other in the hopes that this relationship inspires positive personal growth in both parties.

Through one-on-one counseling, weekly workshops, and other support services,  GOODWorks aims to positively affect the lives of individual women who have experience with the system to grow beyond their past. With aid from volunteers throughout the community, there is no better source of strength for women than the support of other women – together, we confide, learn, and ultimately empower one another.

In addition to Theresa's' devotion to GoodWorks Inc., she works as a Consultant for the Center for Trauma Recovery and Juvenile Justice Project as well as partnering with the Greater Hartford Re-entry Center. She is also a member of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, specifically serving on the "Partnering with Youth and Family Committee". 

A Letter of Appreciation

From a GoodWorks Mentee (10/25/2018)

Theresa Goode of GOODWorks has created a generous and kind nonprofit organization that fosters connection and understanding among recently released and currently incarcerated female prisoners in CT. In my last several weeks spent with Mrs. Goode, I have received substantial emotional guidance and support, more so than I’ve received in my past two years of incarceration here at YCI (York Correctional Institution). The time and genuine energy that Mrs. Goode has devoutly volunteered has impacted my life deeply. Just the thought of someone from the outside world, someone who doesn’t know me being willing to spend time getting to know me has renewed my faith in myself. The compassion and empathy offered to me every Thursday is something I could not get if it weren’t for GOODWorks, especially as incarcerated women.


Even though I am paroling out of state Mrs. Goode and her organization has invested time in my continued success. I would like to thank the wonderful women of GOODWorks and especially Mrs. Theresa Goode who has truly changed my life and encouraged me to make decisions in me and my futures best interest. Because of GOODWorks, I believe I have a fighting chance when I parole to AZ within the next month. I am truly grateful for my involvement with GOODWorks.





From Theresa Goode (4/18/2019)

Today, while driving back from the York Correctional Institute, I began to reflect on today’s visit. Without hesitation, I am simply amazed at a women’s’ stamina. You don’t have to glance deep to realize that some women that I have had the gratification of helping have gone through hell and back. Most of these women were exposed to abuse, rape, and trauma at an untimely age. Some even having guns placed in their mouths by family members. Being in a physical, mentally abusive relationship and afraid to leave was no place for these beautiful women. I always reflect on what these women have told me; not be able to eat a meal because there was no food in the house or waiting on their mother to come home to show her the great score she received from her test at school, but mom never came home. The stories are hard to admit, but I know that I have been placed here by God to support these women and to give them hope for tomorrow.


What my mentees have gone through and how they processed their traumatic experiences to survive is beyond my comprehension at times. Simply put, these women are champions. Each week, I shake my head in amazement and gratitude to God who has allowed me to counsel each of these beautiful women with a fresh word of hope. These ladies are champions and warriors. They are empowered by their own natural instincts!





Theresa Goode

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