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2021 Accomplishments!

Here at GOODWorks Inc., we are ending 2021 with much gratitude and grace, feeling grateful to have made positive changes in the lives of women, and empowering them to become their true selves.

We feel so proud of all we have accomplished in the past year, and know that we could not have made such an impact without the support of our sponsors, mentors, facilitators, staff, and community.

We cannot thank you enough, and would like to share with you an overview of what 2021 has looked like for our organization…

In 2021 GOODWorks Inc...

  • Created a scholarship fund for all mentees pursuing academic degrees and licensure/certifications

  • Founder and Executive Director Theresa Goode sat on several committees including the Greater Hartford Re-Entry Council and Re-entry Housing Committee

  • Partnered with the Community Partners in Action Re-entry Welcome Center

  • Hosted weekly workshops over Zoom where a variety of facilitators spoke on topics such as: trauma, mindfulness, career goals, interview skills, resume writing, legal services, community resources, psychoeducation, and more!

  • Maintained a FREE Seasonal Clothing Closet where mentees can find appropriate wardrobe options for a variety of needs in addition to toiletry items

  • Donated laptops to every mentee in need of one to aid in virtual/remote work and/or class attendance

  • Purchased winter coats for mentees in need during cold months

  • Hosted our annual Enders Island Retreat where mentees and mentors can gather, bond, and meditate by the ocean in Mystic, CT

  • Formed an official Steering Committee which takes charge on all new projects and pursues collaborations/resources within the Greater Hartford Community

  • Hired a 2nd in-office Administrative Assistant!

  • Hosted our biggest fundraiser of the year, our 15th Annual Golf Classic at Keney Park in Hartford.

  • Partnered with PGA Pro Bobby Powell to host a free golf clinic where participants could learn a new skill or sharpen up existing ones

  • Invited all mentees to write submissions in contribution to The Journal of Women and Criminal Justice based in New Jersey.

  • Collaborated with a variety of local housing for women including: Silliman House, Hallie House, and Broken to Blessed

  • Held Mentor Training Workshops once every month to gather all mentors and staff together, answer questions, discuss relevant concerns regarding relationship building with mentees, and collaborate to grow and problem-solve

  • Paired children and families in need with sponsors through our annual Gift Givers Program. These sponsors donated Christmas presents to children so that they could be filled with joy and excitement this holiday!

  • And so much more!


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