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Enders Island Retreat Recap

We had wonderful testimony from those who attended our 2022 Enders Island Retreat. We hope to see you next year!

“Each speaker flowed into the other, and we all manifested our authentic selves.”

“The women who spoke were inspiring and gave me a blueprint to improve my life.”

“”Fantastic retreat. Timely word. I needed today above anything else.”

“Everything that was said today is a manifestation of what is to come in my life. God sent these angels to confirm this. Thank you!”

“This was my first time attending and I greatly enjoyed it. It was divine appointment for me to be here today.”

“This is the highlight of my summer with regard to spiritual healing!”

“I will be getting a prayer journal. I will now not be concerned with what people say or tell me who I am.”

“I am so happy I was able to attend.”

“Authentic speakers!”


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