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GOODWorks Stories Featured in The Journal of Women and Criminal Justice

In a piece titled, "Women Supporting Women, By Women and For Women," a message from GOODWorks, Inc. Executive Director and Founder Theresa Goode was published in the NJ Reentry Corporation's The Journal of Women and Criminal Justice.

"It is my overall vision and goal which I share with all my supporters and the GOODWorks Inc. community: to provide the skills imperative to building self-acceptance, self-worth, and pride, in addition to promoting values surrounding putting forth positive behavior in the community." - Theresa Goode, GOODWorks, Inc., Executive Director and Founder

Published alongside Ms. Goode's message, was a story from Amy, a GOODWorks mentee, about her path to "rebuilding a life based in healing and integrity," through weekly meetings with Terrie.

"We met weekly for months. Slowly, through both “homework” and our talks, I began realizing that it was ok to forgive the things I did. It did not excuse them, but it was ok to acknowledge what I did, why I did it, and find ways to deal with my issues in healthier ways."
-Amy, GOODWorks Mentee

Also featured in The Journal is a piece by GOODWorks mentee Martina, about who she sees benefitting from the incarceration of pregnant women and mothers.

"In jail, the most that I know a female inmate making was 90 cents an hour. Just like people in the free world, these incarcerated mothers and women need food and clothes and personal hygiene products. Most of the everyday items we take for granted, and cherished in jail. Many things we need to use in our everyday lives are sold to inmates at up to three times the regular rate."
- Martina, GOODWorks Mentee

Read these pieces in full:

Download PDF • 461KB

To read the entire Journal, click here.

Thank you to the NJ Reentry Corporation for featuring these important stories.


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