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Mentee of the Month: Hope

Our February 2021 Mentee of the Month is....Hope Montford!! Thank you Hope for your unwavering loyalty to GOODWorks and for the wisdom and friendship you provide to every one of us. We are so proud of how far you have come on your journey and feel lucky to have you in our family.

While incarcerated Hope became involved with every group she could in order to build a support system for herself and stay well connected in the community. This continued after release when she heard about GOODWorks through a friend in her halfway house. She recalls her first meeting with our Executive Founder, Theresa Goode, remarking, “I didn’t know then that that would be the first day of the rest of my life”. To this day Hope states her appreciation for Terrie’s authenticity, genuine honesty, and unwavering friendship.

As a member of the GOODWorks community, Hope learned the importance of asking for help and utilizing all available resources. She loves spreading the mission of empowerment to other women in recovery from the criminal justice system as well as her closest friends and loved ones, especially her mom, her biggest inspiration and supporter. Hope remarks that her mother taught her hugely important lessons on the value of self-worth as well as the importance of education. Anyone who knows Hope knows the love she holds for learning and the time and effort she continues to dedicate to her schooling, an inspiration to us all.

When asked what advice she has for incoming GOODWork mentees she shared, “Take it slow. There is nothing to rush. I know people want instant gratification...lay back, it will come...Put everything in God’s hands because what you need he will take care of and what you want will all come into play if you stay and believe [in] him”.

As for her short term goals for 2021, Hope shared that she is taking life one day at a time. She wants to maintain her sobriety, and use her people skills, certifications, and educational background to find an occupation where she can help others and give back to the community.

We believe in you wholeheartedly Hope! And as Terrie says, “We see you, and we know your heartbeat, so whatever you need, we are here”.


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