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Council on the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Justice Holds Initial Meeting

Late last month, CCEH CEO Dr. Richard Cho joined fellow appointees for the first meeting of the legislatures newly-established Council on the Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Record. The Council is charged with studying the discrimination faced by people in Connecticut with a criminal record and developing recommendations to reduce and eliminate discrimination based on a person’s criminal history. Other groups that have been appointed to the council include the ACLU, the Department of Correction, the Board of Pardons and Parole, and the New Haven Legal Assistance Association Legal Clinic. As part of the initial meeting, Council members reviewed the expansive list of 559 barriers that limit the ability of formerly incarcerated individual’s ability to lead successful lives after they’ve been released from prison. Dr. Richard Cho will serve as Chair of the Housing Committee for the Council and will be working with the committee to make recommendations on how to both remove and lessen the impact of regulatory and legal restrictions people with criminal records face in accessing housing. 



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