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Learning about Manufacturing!

The collaboration between GOODWorks and the Leadership Greater Hartford Third Age Inititative Living Wage Team resulted in a great experience last night at Goodwin College's informative event concerning their accelerated certification program in CNC Manufacturing, Metrology, and manufacturing technology. Students who had been through the program spoke to its strengths, and we all learned a lot!

Did you know...

1. Along with being the backbone of the US economy, manufacturing is also the fourth largest industry for employment - in Connecticut alone, there are over 13,000 available skilled job opportunities!

2. The average salary for an operator is around $75,000 a year; with more experience, this can rise to $100,000!

3. Many experienced CNC operators and Quality Control staff are beginning to enter retirement, meaning that this is a field that will be looking for fresh faces now and in the future.

GW is proud to have been part of this event; for all its importance, manufacturing jobs and education are something that we feel is rarely discussed. We're looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Living Wage Team and are excited to repeat our visit to Goodwin College soon!

Read below to learn more about manufacturing!

GW women talking with a presenter


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