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Second action at Governor Lamont’s Mansion to release inmates due to COVID-19.

On Easter Sunday, we organized a second in-car protest and speak out at Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont’s house to demand he immediately release people incarcerated in jails and prisons amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A caravan of 35 cars turned out filled with families of incarcerated individuals and community groups, to share the words of people incarcerated in CT prisons and jails, and demand action to save lives.

After weeks of demanding action from Lamont, families of incarcerated individuals and community groups were finally scheduled to meet with Lamont Monday afternoon regarding the release of people incarcerated in CT prisons and jails. But an hour before the meeting, Governor Lamont cancelled -- the second cancellation within days, this time without rescheduling, again leaving families in the dark. Read our full press release.

The cancellation of this meeting is frustrating enough, but the absolute failure to address COVID-19 in prisons and jails means people in jails and prisons remain in danger, and families have to go on knowing their loved ones are in harm’s way, ignored by the state’s Governor.


Take action now to demand Gov. Lamont address the health and safety of incarcerated people in CT. Use this link to email and tweet Governor Ned Lamont, Connecticut Corrections, and the Judiciary Branch demanding they urgently release as many people as possible to stop the spread and impact of #COVID19.

Katal in the news:

Organizing an action during COVID19 is new and different. If you’re organizing in-car or other out-of-the-house actions in your community, let us know, we’d love to learn about it.



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